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Hi, I'm Gregg. I've been a writer slash director slash editor slash a lot of other things for many many years. I mostly work in the world of video content creation but I've dabbled in other forms... oh I've dabbled. Dabbled with the best of 'em.

Like many a Chicago dweller I found my footing in the world of short form story-telling through sketch comedy and improv and after realizing that I was no good at corporate lacky-ness I parlayed that skill into a career as the co-owner of Big Teeth Productions, a creative production studio. On any given day I am the creative director, copywriter, editor, dog petter, and more. Which is to say that I am a problem solver.
I've been around long enough to know that you need to have a creative vision, but you need to know how to adapt. My goal is to get as close to that creative vision as possible while skiing around the moguls of opinion, fact, schedule changes, and the like.
If all that has intrigued you enough to want to know more, or better yet hire me to direct your content, then good for me, and better for you - let's talk.

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